Tonight's NET & Future Meetings

Clay County ARES Emergency Net, 8:00 PM Tuesday night, December 2nd, on the K5PRE – 146.955 repeater (“minus 600 kHz offset,” 100 Hz PL tone). K4AEC or KK4EKN will be NCS.
Clay ARES informal lunch on Wednesday, 12:00 Noon, to be discussed and location announced on Net Tuesday night.
Results of “Mini-SET” (test of Simplex Net on 146.490 MHz) following last week’s Net:
Following stations checked-in on the Simplex Net, all “Loud & Clear:”
KK4EKN Mike SE Clay County
KK4AMM Blairsville, GA
W4FED Dave Blairsville, GA
N4AOW Cleveland, TN
KK4JTH Mike Brasstown
KK4JQV George Brasstown
KK4JQU Lois Brasstown
W8JHD Bob Brasstown
W4SDJ Jim Murphy
K4SMW Jim Young Harris, GA
Overall, a very good test of our ability to hold a Net on Simplex in case of an emergency.  Future “Mini-SETs” will include net operations, both Simplex and repeater, on emergency power supplies (i.e., batteries, generator, mobile, etc., not on AC commercial “Mains” Power).
I need more feedback on the following:
We need to have at least one more “formal” lunch meeting with a training presentation before the end of the year, I’d like to hear comments from the group on your preference of the following possible training topics:
1. Continuation of the Sound Card Digital Modes training started back in the summer (which got delayed last month due to my work schedule); without reviewing my notes, I believe we were ready to jump into the actual “nuts and bolts” of one of the two most prevalent and popular digital mode programs for ARES/AUXCOMM/EMCOMM use, i.e., either RMS Express (part of the Winlink system) or FLDIGI.
2. Some other amateur radio related topic of interest to all; it would be good if the topic bears some direct or indirect relationship to ARES/AUXCOMM/EMCOMM. Could be an antenna topic, mobile radio topic, equipment questions, etc.
Think about it and let me know on the Net Tuesday night, or by e-mail.
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